Tin Man Rivet Irish Red Ale

In a tin can comes the TinMan that says very clearly on the label (which does not present the words particularly well and results in a blurriness that makes the tiny words on the back difficult to read) that "Cans Are Better" and proceeds to explain why the recyclable cans are better for the environment.

She's red alright. Not sure if a beer from Evansville, Indiana can be Irish, but it's a red beer, so they aren't complete fibbers. There's a slight head with patchy bubbles that really doesn't stick to the glass, and why would they? This isn't an IPA; it's a red - an Irish Red! The aroma is fantastic with its delicious smelling powdery dough with a definite sweetness to it that is quite enticing.

First sip is not causing streamers and sparklers to go off in my belly. Normally, my complaint about reds is that they tend to be a bit watery, but that's not the problem we have here. Instead, this is muddy with the grains and the sweetness fighting each other while the dust settles all over everything else.

Tip-in is honey sweet with grains and has a bit of resin forward, which is very odd for the style. The middle is a very grainy bread with the honey, and I wouldn't call this smooth, but it's not bad right here. Then, the world gets flipped (turned upside down) with the finish. WTF just happened to the beer? It snaps with spices that have been hiding and the resin, dust, grains, and I don't know what else getting bitter and then trying to kill my tastebuds.

Bottom Line: The finish doesn't belong here. It needs to stop.



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