Country Boy Cliff Jumper IPA

Another Country Boy beer. What? I never had one? Wait... what about.... no, that was Yee-Haw, wasn't it? Okay, let's start off by pointing out that this Lexington-based brewer has a handsome can. It's distinctive without being bland or gaudy. One of the complaints I had about Bearded Iris is that their cans look too similar, and it's not easy to tell them apart. Clown Shoes has the opposite problem with too much going on with their label (but I haven't published any of their reviews yet).

The yellow-honey gold beer has a head that isn't sticky, but it's patchy, and that'll get you points. The aroma is more malty than anything, and that seems especially odd for an IPA. I'm not saying there isn't a citrus hop or two in there with it, but the bready malt is really a lot stronger than I would normally expect. But, these country boys clearly think they have something, so let's get 'er done (apologies for pandering).

First sip is an unbalanced conundrum. It is that malt with a thick hit of citrus in the front, but then it's a bitter swill of rind and crust in the back. This is not a beer for sipping. If it was intended to be, then it can only be done by people who don't like a properly crafted beverage. BUT, many beers can't be sipped while leaving the deliciousness intact.

Tip-in is a smooth bread malt with a sweet orange and lemon mix of hops behind it while carbonation is doing... nothing. The middle is thick, but it's not thick with anything. The citrus kind of dies down with the malt right behind it, but there is nothing but the sensation of flavor under it - no actual flavor, and not technically watery. The finish is a harsh bitterness, grainy seeds, and dry dirt.

Bottom Line: A commendable beer, but the finish really lets it down.



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