450 North Star Burst IPA

450 North is from Columbus, Indiana. I genuinely don't know how I have wound up trying more than one of their beers, but I have, and I'm cool with it. The can design (and the fact that it's a pint) puts me in mind of Nashville's Bearded Iris, but I know I'm just conflating the two in my mind-brain. Still, if 450 can be as good as them...

Clumpy, fluffy head? Check. Straw color with proper haze? Check. Lacing? Well, probably not much, but I can deal with that. Aroma? A bit dank with citrus and odd powdery dust on top that makes my nose crinkle a bit. I was not expecting dank.

First sip is rough on the back-end. It is a bit sour, a bit dank, a bit bitter, and a bit tart. Everything else is boiler plate IPA with citrus and pine hops dominating everything. That ass is... not what it should be. But that's only a sip, isn't it?

Tip-in is a biscuit malt with orange, mandarin orange, and tangerine. The middle is the meat of the orange with grapefruit and mango. The middle is normally where I find out what the beer is all about, and this beer is in your face but composed in the middle, but that's before the finish. The finish is when that cascade of funk and dank and bitter comes, but it's not as off-putting as it was in the sip. Instead, it's like a loud song to finish off the party - and it works.

Bottom Line: Don't underestimate the ability of an obscure brewery.



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