Alpine Windows Up IPA

I remember the first time I heard that Lamborghini put an Alpine radio in their cars. That was it. Alpine must be the best radio. Later, I had a car with an Alpine radio in it, and I realized that most Lamborghini Countach owners were probably either listening to the engine or so high on cocaine they didn't care about radios. To be fair, this is a wholly different company.

The murky gold beer has chunks of detritus floating like a fog inside - and I dig it. The white, frothy top is sticky and leaves an okay amount of lacing. The aroma is tangerine, orange, and grapefruit hops, and I am loving everything so far. I may just be really thirsty, but that is benefiting the beer right now.

First sip is a bitterness from those fruity hops that is not properly tamed by the malt that tastes like a cracker that has been sitting out way too long and something is growing on it (probably coming from the yeast, really) that is kind of off-putting in a way that I was not ready for.

Tip-in is tangerine and mango with a healthy dose of water and a curiously strong carbonation burn. The middle opens into a harder carbonation burn with an intensification of the fruit hops, and they are joined by some pine. The finish is very dusty bitterness and the yeast that's gone off.

Bottom Line: It's odd - I don't outright hate it, but I really dislike most of the sensations I have.



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