Southern Tier Choklat Oranj Imperial Stout

Southern Tier is my favorite tier-themed brewery. I honestly can't think of another one, but it's a good one - let's leave it at that. I already complained about this not actually being from the south, but I think geography shouldn't be that big of a factor with beers (aside from my love of local beers).

Another black beer with a tan head. To be fair, this particularly thick beer had pretty much no head at all for most of the pour, so I coaxed a bit out by pouring slowly and from an increased height just to get some, and it is gone entirely within 5 minutes. The aroma is thick and rich with chocolate and smoky wood - very little orange, but it might just be being overpowered by the thick, sweet chocolate.

First sip is sweet deliciousness that very much follows the nose with chocolate, wood, bitterness mixed with the sweetness, and, yes, orange peel in the mix. It's actually a pretty good sipping beer, and dessert beers will typically be imbibed in this manner, so good for these guys. But we need to know exactly how it's going to taste if you gulp properly.

Tip-in is strangely active carbonation tingle with the bitter chocolate and a hint of smoke. The middle is significantly more bitter cocoa with the beer becoming a bit more acidic and giving back a lot more orange. The finish is a shot of bitterness and coffee before chocolate and caramel sweetness remains on the lips.

Bottom Line: Best sipped. That was how it was intended, and that's where the rating comes from.



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