Ole Smoky Orange Moonshine

The chase to find a good moonshine is not at a run these days - it's not even at a trot, really. I delved into it out of curiosity more than anything after commercial moonshines started appearing on the shelves, and I'm not just trying to find the ones that are any good at all.

It's a pale orange - really watered down orange drink. Like, REALLY watered down drink. It looked a lot more orange while it was still in the jar, but this is why we pour it, I guess. The aroma is also orange drink, but with teeth in it, even though the are excessively dulled.

First sip is sweet, orange and a little burning. The alcohol isn't the add-on alcohol that you get in the Seagram's sodas, which makes sense, as this alcohol isn't added - it's the point of the beverage.

Second and third sips reveal the character of the beverage to be very mild for one of these moonshines. Unlike a good whisky, my experience with moonshine has been that the better moonshines have something that covers up the nail polish remover taste that it usually has. I am told that proper mountain moonshine has a corn taste to it, but I haven't had access to this restricted, mythical beast.

Bottom Line: Delightfully approachable and eminently drinkable.



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