Uinta West Coast Style IPA

When the California coast is under water or is ultimately destroyed by a North Korean nuclear weapon, what will we have to show for it? California Emissions? Transformers 5? Jeff Gordon wine? No. I think we should concentrate on the best that that coast can give us - legal marijuana and the west coast-style IPA.

The sticky-capped, orange, and hazy beer has more lacing than it deserves, but it has no more than I desire. The aroma that emanates from it is laid-back citrus hops and bready malt that is waiting for you to come back from the surf to enjoy a relaxed evening with your tired muscles stretching themselves out on the sand.

First sip has more of a bite than I expected from the style or the smell. It has more pine to it and more of an acidic scrape than it should have; the aroma is all laid back, but the taste is a bit manic. Well, it's manic from the perspective of a simple sip, but that's not how we decide things around here in the deep south. We drink like we mean it.

Tip-in is a very nice tangerine and orange with passion fruit and a bread backing. The middle is more bready than citrus, but the citrus still tickles along with the carbonation that is coming on stronger, but the acid isn't there yet, so the prickly nature that I had in the sip isn't there. The finish is a tartness with a fizzle of carbonation that is more of a flourish than a scrape, and the trail off is slightly bitter citrus.

Bottom Line: Not the most traditional - if you can use that word - of west coast IPAs, but an enjoyable one.



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