Mother Earth Kismet IPA

Ah, you tiny little micro breweries - how I love you. How micro are you if you have at least two breweries in two different states and ship to lots of states that are pretty far from either of them? Mother Earth Brew Co. has a brewery in Vista, California and Nampa, Idaho, and I got this can in LaVergne, Tennessee. Is this macro economics or micro economics? Either way, I benefit with the chance to try it.

The bronze-gold beer has the sticky white head of an IPA that knows what IPAs are supposed to bring to the table, and I applaud it for doing the minimum necessary background work on this topic. The aroma is a giant bowl of tropical fruit with a little pine and citrus to boot. This is a serious bouquet of hops going on right now, and I'm much happier for it.

First sip is dank. I used to not really understand what they word meant, but I've had a few beers that claimed a bit of dankness, and I now have a firm grasp of what they mean. Under the dank is pine and lots of fruit. I don't get any grains or anything that resembles a malt - just a lot of hops and possibly some of the resin. That doesn't make sense, though, as I don't get a lot of bitterness. Maybe a swig will explain things better.

Tip-in is tropical fruits and weedy dankness. The middle is carbonation burn with more dankness, lots more fruit (grapefruit, mango, orange, lemon, and papaya), and pine needles. The finish is the bitterness that was missing with some very light grains under it; the bitterness isn't going nuts, so the whole beer is definitely not spoiled.

Bottom Line: Intimidating, but this is probably worth the try.



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