Beavertown-Stone-Garage Project Fruitallica Double IPA

Another project where Stone found others to work with, slapped their names on the bottle, and went to town with producing a bunch of it. Is it any good? Well, if Stone thinks it has a chance, then I should probably not dispute them until I sample the outcome.

The slightly misty amber beer has a thin - but sticky - head that will leave whatever lacing it can. The aroma is fruity, but it has a definite pepper kick to it - jalapeno, habanero, or something like that.
*quickly looks at the label*
You know, if I would just bother to read the label on some of these beers, I wouldn't wind up with coffee beers that I don't like, and I would have known to expect the peppers, as it clearly states on the bottle that this has habaneros.

First sip is smoother than I would ever have expected. While I have found DIPAs to be pretty smooth and approachable, this is managing to do it with more aggressive ingredients. It's pretty impressive, all things considered. But, the sweet fruit and bread malt don't mean anything in a sip. Let's bring the noize!

Tip-in is that light sizzle from the carbonation and an extra sizzle from the peppers - the first edge that you get when you bite a pepper, before the heat comes. The middle is where the peppers and fruit dance their dance, and it is really impressive how they stay muted by the somewhat feeble cracker malt. The finish is a heightening of the bright points of the drink as peppers and fruits continue their lovely dance.

Bottom Line: It sometimes seems that Stone can do no wrong.



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