Marble-Odell-Stone Megawheat Double IPA

I think I did this one before, but I couldn't find it on this site. I must not have done it, as this is a Google site, and their search engine is obviously top notch. Still, this is a beer done as an agreement between three small breweries, but one of them is Stone, and they are very picky about what awesome beers they produce. Wait! I found it! But it's not this one.

The beautiful coppery beer has a sticky, sticky head that is seriously exactly what I want to see. The aroma is floury malt and a bit of citrusy hops, but the hops are taking a back seat to the malt. Either way, this beer is looking at me with those bedroom eyes that I can't resist. I'm going in.

First sip is notable for its dankness that is prevailing over the citrus hops and that floury malt, but the hops are definitely not satisfied in the back seat, so they are making a loud noise and demanding attention like an angry toddler who wasn't allowed to take her iPad in the minivan this time, and it turns out that grandma's house is like 45 minutes away.

Tip-in is sweet, bread malt with the light lime hops and almost no carbonation to speak of. The middle swells to bring more meat to the malt by adding dough to the flour and other citrus fruits to the lime; the effect is smooth while also being very full of flavor. The finish is a slight bitter hit from the hops, but the sweet malt rolls in to calm things down almost immediately.

Bottom Line: This is exactly the kind of thing that Stone does amazingly well.



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