Victory Vital IPA

Honestly, I will probably try any new Victory beer I get my hands on. As far as I know, they are still an independent craft brewer (unlike the unfortunate Lagunitas with their Heineken overlords). Just outside of Philly, PA, they produce some very good beers, and I expect great things with every new beer.

Had to pour this twice because it filled with head with a little more than half of the bottle in the glass. The head is a stark white, and the beer itself is a calming gold. The aroma is floral and spicy, just like an IPA from Victory is kind of expected to be.

First sip is mostly bittery hops and the various spices that I'm pretty sure Victory uses in their other beers in different quantities. The malt is actually pretty forward for an IPA, and it is cracker, but they are not quite done, so they are breaking easily with the moistness. Think Ritz rather than saltines.

Tip-in is crackers, spices, oranges, and honey. The middle brings more bread than crackers, and it drags the spices in with it. Flowers join in the mix as the oranges fade away. The finish is a wave of bitterness followed by coriander and a sweetness on the lips as it fades away. As the beer warms a little, it gets even more smooth.

Bottom Line: Possibly not the best IPA from Victory, but it is a good beer in good company.



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