Honky Tonk IPA

I expect a brand like Honky Tonk to be straight out of Nashville (like this is) and about as in your face with redneck as Yee-Haw is. This one has a picture of a dragon on it and some nonsense about dragon powers written on it like someone just picked up a batch of throwing stars and is really feeling the feng shui.

The light amber beer has a sticky white head on it and an aroma of biscuits and all sorts of hops (mostly citrus). It seems like it's been forever since I had a beer with such a sticky head that leaves so much lacing, but I might just be longing for it.

First sip is lip-smacking crisp. The hops are heavy, and the bite of bitterness is like a sweet embrace that I've been missing for a while. The hops are citrus and floral. Hell, I think there may be pine in there doing its strange piney thing as well. The effect is pretty powerful, but it is refreshing as well.

Tip-in is biscuit malt and more pine than either of the other hops. The middle is very smooth as the citrus takes hold and raises the malt to thick bread levels in a swell. Then, the finish abruptly slaps some bitterness on your tongue with the floral hops trailing off in the wind.

Bottom Line: Certainly an interesting beer. I'd have another.



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