Hoppin' Frog Gangster Frog IPA

My only other Hoppin' Frog beer was a stout that did not impress me. One beer is not enough to decided on a brewer, and this had a cute little frog (okay, it was the same frog as the other bottle, and neither of them was actually "hoppin'") on the front, so I figured - what the hell.

The golden amber beer has quite an impressive head. It's not excessive, but it certainly lets you know it's there. Eventually, it leaves a nice little trail of lacing down to a 1/4 inch of foam on the top. The aroma is a little bit funky, dusty citrus and pine hops. It's not a little smell, but it IS a little bit funky and musty.

First sip is a crisp snap with funk and floral fun chilling under it all. Citrus is all over this thing, and it even re-asserts itself a couple of seconds after I thought the beer was already gone. It's an unusual mix of everything just kind of lounging around, explaining to everyone how cool it is to listen to vinyl records again.

Tip-in is light citrus with the malt (it MUST be the malt) being a little musty underneath, but the hops are forward. The middle comes along with the citrus becoming a torrent of hops, with citrus, pine, and floral all mingling, but the citrus is definitely letting everyone know who is in charge. The finish is much more malt-heavy, but the citrus is slapping the tongue, asking - no, pleading - to never be forgotten. A tartness is left on the tongue, and the mouth just wants another swig.

Bottom Line: Powerful, but not too overpowering, this is crisp and citrus-heavy.



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