Cigar City Invasion Pale Ale

Another crappy label. At least this one is easier to read than the first one, and the beer inside it might be just as different and improved over that one. I mean, that one wasn't terrible, and this pale ale produced by the same brewer might be able to fix the things that were wrong.

The hazy, dull amber beer has a head that likes to leave a little lacing, so it must like me. The aroma is very slight, but it is bready malt and distinctly citrus malt. So, is this just a milder version of its sister? A smell won't tell me.

First sip is a kind of tangy, weak citrus juice with that malt kind of hanging around, trying not to look too overpowering. That's pretty good, as the last one had way too much malt on the front end, and the hops could never make a proper recovery. So, the sip was not bad. How will a swig do?

Tip-in is watery citrus and light bready hops. The middle is spiky at the back of the throat with citrus and bitterness flowing freely over the tongue. A slight bit of toffee is in there, too, but it's not doing much. The finish is a turning up of bitterness as some pine settles in with the citrus.

Bottom Line: Nope. This scrappy brewer hasn't hit the nail on the head quite yet.



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