Cigar City Florida Cracker Belgian-Style White Ale

Another Cigar City beer. The previous two were a little less than what I expected, but this is a Belgian white so... actually, these things tend to be kind of all over the place, so who knows what this Florida brewer is going to do with it? Well, I will in just a minute - come with me to find out.

The hazy, honey-colored beer briefly had a white head, and I mean briefly. That head ran away like something with big, scary teeth was chasing it. Now, it gives the impression of a gold-flaked used dishwater. The aroma is a pleasing sweet, grainy malt with citrus highlights. So, the looks are always nice to write about, but let's taste it.

First sip is solid grainy malt and citrus with an unmistakable coriander and spicy kick to it. It is like a jab in the tongue, as there is a lot going on for the mouth to process. But that's why we swig next, isn't it?

Tip-in is very light carbonation tingle with a floury dough and coriander taste. The middle is grains with citrus and spices milling around to give the middle more than enough body to avoid being watery; you can certainly tell you're drinking a beer of Belgian descent. The finish is a slap of spices and sweet honey malt with a kind of dry trail-off.

Bottom Line: A reasonable facsimile of a Belgian white, but others are easier to drink.



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