Blackstone Dark Matter Black IPA

Blackstone has not had the best beer, as far as this blog is concerned. I always WANT beer to be good when I get it, but sometimes I'm just let down. I thought a black IPA might be the way Blackstone could get into my good graces. Let's find out.

First things first - this isn't black. I've had my fair share of black beers, and this one is a semi-clear auburn color. The decent sized head goes down to a thin, lightly patchy cap with the usual ring around the outside of the glass. The aroma is much more malty than I would expect from an IPA, but it also sports some citrus and pine. It is a bit light overall on aroma, putting me in mind of a red ale or the like.

First sip is actually pretty delightful. It's got a very rich mixture of bitter oranges, citrus, pine, and even a little dark fruit. It's more complicated than a regular IPA, and it is nowhere near as hoppy (nor does it seem to be leaving a lot of lacing), but it's certainly not bad. And not bad is exactly what I'm hoping for from Blackstone.

Tip-in is very light carbonation tingle, citrus, and sweetness. The middle is more of the dark fruits and even a hint of caramel and pine. The finish is rough, as it sports a tang and bitterness that really don't get along; and it includes overripe dark fruit that trails off with something that wants to be smoke, but it isn't quite there.

Bottom Line: It had promise, but it fell short.



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