Bearded Iris Homestyle IPA

Seems like microbreweries are cropping up all over the place these days, so it makes it a great time to be running a blog where I review them. No, I don't get the traffic of a big blog with metareviews, but I like to think that I bring a little more personality to my reviews and that they are the craft brewing of beer reviews.

The beer is cloudy as all get-out, but the minimal head dwindles to a few, lonely bubbles floating on a murky sea of dusty gold. The aroma is definitely hoppy, with citrus and pine doing their thing. There's even a bit of funky yeast with them, but there's no malt to speak of. No head means no lacing, and that makes me sad. But taste is why we do this.

First sip is flavorful and mild at the same time. It's citrus and malt and yeast while managing to be very light and pleasant. It's like a fizzy, light citrus drink in regard to the lightness that it seems to carry with it, and that's including the malt and yeast that are generally pretty heavy. I wonder what a gulp will bring.

Tip-in is heavy carbonation burn alongside the citrus burst. When I say citrus, I'm talking everything from mangoes to oranges to limes and passion fruit; this is as fruity as it gets. The middle is more carbonation burn with bread calmly lurking under a slightly muted citrus. The finish is a slight hit of bitterness, but it is almost a non-event. Then, the trail-off is a bit more bitter with citrus following it along for the ride.

Bottom Line: A fruity, wonderful beer. Not a typical IPA, but a good one.



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