Unibroue À Tout Le Monde Megadeth Belgian Style Saison Ale

Am I a sucker for having purchased a beer based solely on the fact that it was co-branded with a heavy metal group I last listened to in the eighties? I mean - do they still tour? *quickly googles* Holy crap! They put out an album in 2016! I'm going to need to go back and listen to that after this beer to see if they're any good.

The beer is a dusty yellow with a bit of orange and a very significant head. The head, however, leave almost no lacing while the aroma of bright citrus and yeast permeates the immediate area. It's a bit funky smelling, but that'll be the yeast, won't it?

First sip is honestly very surprisingly good. It is citrus and grain heavy. It's crisp and flavorful without being too heavy with anything in particular.

Tip-in is lemon zest and spices with a very mild carbonation tingle. The middle is yeast with various fruits being conveyed right down the mouth, but the feeling is not overwhelming. The finish is a bunch of hops with earthtones managing to ground the whole thing a bit.

Bottom Line: I don't remember how much I loved Megadeth. I like the beer, though.



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