Catawba White Zombie White Ale

This has nothing to do with the band White Zombie, as far as I can tell. Instead, this is more along the lines of 28 Days Later kind of zombie. I don't know what this beer has to do with zombies at all, but I'm going to chalk it up to stylistic and marketing decisions. Based on the previous Catawba beers, I expect this should be pretty good.

Well, the beer isn't white (internal chuckle for my wit). Instead, the very cloudy beer is not a neon yellow, but it is definitely yellow with a white head (what there is of it). No lacing happens, and that's pretty much expected with a white ale. The aroma is fresh dough and citrus. I didn't add the customary orange or lemon wedge to the beer, as I'm not that guy. Still smells pretty good.

First sip is bright and crisp. The dough is definitely the whole way through, and the citrus is cutting in a very nice way. These beers are typically pretty clean and crisp anyway, and this definitely falls into that category. It might not be the foremost of the type, but it's pretty close, at least in a sip. What about a swig?

Tip-in is baked bread, carbonation sizzle, wheat, and citrus. The middle is a fairly strong carbonation smack at the back of the throat with the dough and the citrus trying to overcome it. The finish is more flavorful with some spices, more wheat, more dough, and more citrus. It is crisp, and it's not overwhelming at all. Trail off is flour and dough.

Bottom Line: A form of white ale turned up to 11. Could probably benefit from the orange slice that I refuse to admit helps.



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