Dark Horse Scotty Karate Scotch Ale

Dark Horse had one good one and one that wasn't great. I got this hoping that they confused themselves with the difference between a Scotch ale and a Scottish ale. I know that some of the best beers that I've had were Scottish ales, and some of the worst were Scotch ales. I hope they got this right. I hope.

The very hazy dark brown beer has a lot of red in it. The head really doesn't exist. I mean, there is both jack and squat on the top of this beer once things settle down - and it's not flat. The aroma is heavy with sweet malt and some significant alcohol. Is this one of those whiskey-barrel aged beers? That's totally what it smells like.

First sip is a lot of thick, fresh baked bread with sweetness and... yup, there is the oak and smoke with the alcohol that would indicate a whiskey or bourbon. It isn't doing THAT many bad things to the beer, so I might be able to come away from this with a positive review (as my dislike of brown liquors mixed into my beers is well-known).

Tip-in is the fresh bread (which is very good) with some maple and brown sugar. Oak is behind it with strength and structure - the tip-in is well constructed. The middle is a disappointing kind of watery, carbonated wormwood with alcohol. The finish is a rush of bitterness, loneliness, and hatred. It takes the form of nuts, unbridled alcohol, bitter caramel, and some more wood.

Bottom Line: I have to keep reminding myself that Scotch ales are not Scottish ales.



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