Terrapin All American Oat Pale Ale

Terrapin is the best turtle-themed beer brewer I've come across. Mind you, I can't recall another, so I suspect they are in a class of one here. They have had some good beers, and they have had stinkers, but most of their beers are hovering around my middle-of-the-road 2.5 mark. I want to see them break out and start hitting home runs.

The pale golden beer sports a frothy head that leaves enough lacing to let you know that you're dealing with a real beer here. The murky depths of the beer glow with light overhead like a beautiful Romulan or viking elixir that would tempt the hardest of hearts. The aroma is flowers, grains, citrus, and maybe even a hint of pine, if my smeller is working right. I guess I should see if my taster is.

First sip is very grapefruit-forward, and the whole beer is just pretty damn refreshing. I could see enjoying this on a warm summer afternoon on the deck while the puppies play in the back yard and the horses graze nearby (I'm living in a Southern wonderland here). The effect of the sip is pretty much all that grapefruit and not a whole lot else. Fear not - I have ways of making the beer tell me its secrets.

Tip-in is light biscuits, significant carbonation burn, and the grapefruit. It moves into the middle with its more toned down citrus (now a bit more orange) and the grains are a little more undefined and warm. The finish is a retard of the citrus and the pine makes a very slight entrance while the grains are really mellowing out a lot. The trail-off is a bit floral, and the effect of the whole beer is very crisp.

Bottom Line: Delicious and deserving of the large bottle it came in. I guess I have to finish it all in one sitting. Shucks.



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