Stone Citracado IPA

The Stone guys are good. This is an anniversary ale, and it was released in August 2016. It is currently October 2016 (at the time of writing), so this should definitely be fresh enough (assuming this is one of the beers that is best fresh). I buy beer hoping it is good - there's no reason to buy beer that you know isn't good - and that's why I tried the best that Budweiser had to offer, but I haven't gone full Bud.

I could probably go a lot of ways with the description of this color. Is it a reddish brown? A dark amber? Chestnut? Dirty mahogany? You decide, as I have too many descriptions to pick from. The head is somewhat sticky, so it definitely leaves some lacing... okay, it's actually a really nice amount of lacing. It also leaves a fairly thick cap on top of the beer. The aroma is floral and citrus hanging out together with kind of a caramel malt with it.

First sip is very nice indeed. It is a mellowing malt that tamps down the bitterness of hops - more citrus than floral during the actual sip, but there's still floral in there. The caramel malt is going nuts adding sweetness to the overall impression, and the effect is just damn delicious. I could sip this for the rest of the night, but that would be a disservice to all of you, my reader(s).

Tip-in is malt, a bit of yeast, some floral hops, and a trace of citrus hops. The middle pours in with biscuits and grains added to a much heavier citrus. The biscuits are glazed with syrupy honey, and the citrus is alive with lemons and grapefruit and passion fruit. The middle surrenders to the finish with its bitterness that sits right on the tip of the tongue, but it doesn't go any further. the malt holds it back, and the citrus tartness trails off.

Bottom Line: It's a very nice citrus IPA, and it is even better by not ONLY being a citrus IPA.



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