Lagunitas Wilco Tango Foxtrot Ale

No, I will not write yet another love letter to Lagunitas as an intro. You all know what I think about the amazing non-craft brewer from Petaluma (and also Chicago, for some reason) so I won't go on about it. Instead, I'll comment that the beer today claims to be a "jobless recovery ale." I don't know what it means, but these guys have an odd sense of humor and they don't really understand that a label is probably not the best way to get a complete thought across.

The patchy head doesn't leave the lacing of its brothers, but it leaves some, and that's a step in the right direction. The beer underneath is a very deep red with the sweet malt and floral hops sending their scent straight up through the bubbles and into my nose, and my nose is happy about the whole thing.

First sip reminds me a bit of a barleywine, but unlike those beers I really kinda like this one. It's very malty, got a bit of oatmeal, and lots of other little bits and stuff like maybe figs, some spice, and even smoke and oak. I'm impressed with a simple sip, and I want more - MORE! So, I shall swig! No, don't try and stop me!

Tip-in is very light carbonation tingle with rich malt that has traces of coffee and chocolate woven into it like a tapestry of deliciousness. The middle rolls on in with a heightening of the chocolate and a mixing of earth with barley, some dark fruits, caramel, and the pine and citrus hops. When the finish comes (too soon) the whole beer sweetens even more with that malt, and it trails off with smoke and dreams.

Bottom Line: Lagunitas can seemingly do any kind of beer.



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