A+R Ales "I Do" IPA

On the occasion of City Sliquors' third anniversary of bringing goodness to beer lovers in the area, they had a special on growlers, so I picked this one up. They were really busy, and I pretty much picked the first IPA that I saw - I didn't even get a sample. So, I head into this with no real knowledge of A+R or what I should expect aside from my experience with IPAs in general. Should be fun.

The very clear pale gold beer leave no lacing and has not but a scant head. Many points of nucleation at the very bottom of the glass contribute to the strengthening of the thin cap at the top, so the beer still manages to look good and inviting, despite the lack of sticky, hoppy head. The aroma is is lemon citrus hops and light bread malt.

First sip is strong, but not harsh. It's got the citrus and bread, but it also has spices and it is really crisp. I don't know what else is making this up, but I can say that the strong taste doesn't mean that it couldn't be sipped. The sipping of the beer is good and solid, and I don't know if gulping will help or hurt. Only one way to find out.

Tip-in is more malt than hops, with a gentle tingle of carbonation on the tongue. The middle lets the hops spread out a lot more, and they are not just limited to citrus - I taste some floral and pine hops in there as well, and they are pretty nicely balanced. The finish is a solid thunk of pine hops on top of a citrus pile. It's sharp and bitter, but the malt is doing an excellent job of restraining the bite.

Bottom Line: Someone knows how to make an IPA.



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