Lagunitas Born Yesterday Fresh Hop, Unfiltered Pale Ale

Oh Lagunitas. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more hop-filled and so expert at brewing beers.

Every damn Lagunitas review seems to be a love letter to that damn company, and I would be more upset if they didn't deserve it, but these guys put together an amazing beer time and time again, and they deserve the accolades I've showered them with. Let's watch that train of superbness pull into the station once again.

This cloudy as all hell yellow beer has a sticky (but not overly patchy) head with staying power. The aroma is fresh hops. These things are floral, slightly pine, and even more slightly citrus, and they are right off the farm and shoved into my glass. They are potent, and I can smell pretty much nothing under them.

First sip is not as nice and delicious as I'd hoped. Instead, it gives the impression of being watery at first, and it is rear-loaded with the hops to the point of overwhelming bitterness. I don't know where the malt is in here, but my swig better detect them. If not, this is going to not be among the best - or possibly even the most mediocre - Lagunitas out there.

Tip-in is somewhat grainy to go along with the floral hops and the very slight citrus going on. The middle slides in with more body than I expected and the hops are very nicely balanced and almost smooth (if such a word could be used to describe something so infused with hops) featuring pine hops more than its sisters mixing with some very nice yeast. Then the finish slaps the keyboard out of my hand with a citrus bitterness that just will not tolerate anything around it. As it stomps off, my mouth is left feeling bitter and confused.

Bottom Line: Let down by an overly bitter finish, this beer still has promise for future versions.



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