Devil's Backbone Vienna Lager

I don't know if I've had a Vienna-style lager before. I can't seem to find one in the handy search box on this blog. So, with the Devil's Backbone having hovered around the "Just waiting to break out and have a giant hit" section of the blog, I figured I would scoop this up and try it out.

The beer is a fairly clear kind of amber-orange with what eventually amounts to almost no head. Lacing is something this beer doesn't have anything to do with. Instead, It is happy with a gentle ring of bubbles around the top, and that's it. The aroma is very fresh bread; it's like walking into a subway restaurant kind of fresh bread. It's an interesting smell, that's for sure.

First sip is more complex than just the bread, but it's still very malt-heavy. There are spices and apricots feeding into the malt to give it a little extra and make sure that the beer isn't too malty. Is this a great sipping beer? Well, I'd say it's not bad. It has enough citrus to give the beer a kind of orange drink refreshingness, but the malt is a bit much to sip all day. How about a gulp?

Tip-in is thick bread with citrus floating on top while carbonation is light and entertaining at the free ends. The middle is more of a sweet bread with a whole heap of carbonation adding a burn to everything else. The finish calms the carbonation swiftly, and the bread gets grainy and honey sweet. All the while, it keeps the citrus complimenting it.

Bottom Line: The best Devil's Backbone beer yet.



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