Yee Haw Dunkel

The only other Yee Haw beer that I had was okay, but it didn't really light my fire. My buddy Jeremy said that the dunkel was the best beer he's had from Yee Haw, and I'll take that advice from him. He knows his stuff, and he recommends only the beer that he knows is good.

Sporting the aroma is bright, sparkling spice-filled malt, coffee, and possibly some oatmeal. It's a fairly nondescript deep brown with slight red highlights and a light tan head. The idea that this is a more flavor-filled sibling to the Eighty is definitely impressed upon me with the aroma alone, so let's get into this.

First sip is a sharply bitter malt with a bit of unexpected smoke, coffee, earth, and spice. The effect is of an ambitious craft beer from an up-and-coming brewer, and that is effectively what we have here, so it makes sense. I don't get the feeling that this is from a struggling brewer, though. It's a good, settled recipe that is out there on the frontier of taste, but I've only had a sip, so let's not go too far.

Tip-in is bitter coffee, thick earth malt, and light spices. The middle rolls in with a very nice, smooth and sweet earth, grains, plums, and spices. The coffee recedes so long as the middle is flowing, and it is very enjoyable. The finish is a wave of muted bitterness with a resurgence of the coffee, but it's not a thick hit of coffee grounds - it's more of a hint that coffee malt was here.

Bottom Line: If this is the best Yee Haw, it is a good enough high water mark.



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