Mantra Belgian Blonde

Another growler from the fine folks at City Sliquors. I paid for this one. The choice from the taps took some time and some samples, but I liked the tiny little sip of this, so I'm anticipating a damn good review. This brewer is another local one, and I am always happy to find a good local brewer. Fresh is more better.

"But Lieutenant Dan, you ain't got no head!" Okay, it was legs, and this beer technically had a head very briefly. I know that the impressively friendly young lady who helped me check out had to deal with quite a bit of foam getting it into the growler, but it isn't foaming up very much now that I have it at home. A side effect of the container? Possibly. I don't like growlers very much for this reason - they aren't particularly well sealed. The color is a shiny gold. The aroma is bready, lemony, and malty.

First sip is very good. It has a kind of astringent hint in there, but the bread and rolls and malt and even the lemon are busy making things nice and quiet for you to enjoy your evening of frivolity with a nice, Belgian beverage. I'd be tempted to sip it for the rest of the night, but that's not the way I roll.

Tip-in is kind of like a fresh roll with some lemon and orange mixed in. When the middle hits, carbonation is biting a bit all around the mouth, and the bread and dough are being kneaded at the back of the mouth. The finish is that hint of astringent followed by a swell of bready malt and even yeast.

Bottom Line: A very nice, meaty beer for nights when you pine for malt.



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