WG Brewing Wild Root Hard Root Beer

I have had a few of these root beers. I hated the first one, but I think I was way too hard on it. The whole idea of what I should be expecting has changed and is - I think - more evolved now. I know I have a lead contender, and I really hope this gets at least that good.

The look of the beverage is unremarkable. It's a kind of flat, very dark root beer. It's not actually flat, but it lacks the fullsome head of a proper root beer, that's for damn sure. The aroma is unmistakably root beer - even more than the others. It doesn't even have the whiff of alcohol about it. This smells like it could be Mug or A&W, and the scent is strong with this one.

First sip is root beer, but a bit heavy on the syrup and definitely flat. The alcohol is up front, and it might have benefited from that missing head. The enhanced carbonation would definitely have helped lighten the heavy alcohol and the syrup, but we find ourselves without it. It's not terrible, but maybe a swig will improve things.

Tip-in is very light carbonation tingle with vanilla and caramel rounding out the syrupy root beer. The middle runs up with more sweetness, a bit of alcohol, a lot of root beer, and it's all too flat. The finish is actually pretty nice. The syrup subsides a bit, and the root beer lingers without the alcohol. It definitely ends on a high note.

Bottom Line: Better than some, but not king of the hard root beer hill.



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