Lagunitas Equinox Pale Oat Ale

Lagunitas seems to have not slowed down since they got bought (maybe that's not the right term, as Heineken only owns 50% of them). Instead, they are using the newfound capital to produce new and more innovative beers. This is the first Lagunitas beer that I've noticed is not just Petaluma-born. Instead, this is also from Chicago. Why Chicago? No idea. Is it actually from two places? There's no way to know.

The beer is a nice kind of copper color with a sticky head that leaves lacing like... like a Laginitas beer. There is a lot of suspended, ahem, stuff in the beer that I assume is a remnant of making beer. The aroma is pretty hoppy for an oat pale ale. The floral hops mix with maybe some oats and barley to give the beer a very nice bouquet. It makes one want to drink, and drink I shall.

First sip is sour at first, but it becomes a bit more floral and pine. It's definitely more sour overall than any other Lagunitas ale I've had, and I can't really say why. Does the oatmeal do it? That doesn't seem like it would make any sense, but the sourness is there. I can't say I'm a fan of sour beers in general, but I have to give this the full swig test.

Tip-in is bread and oats and some of the floral hops with that bit of pine. Tip-in is not sour, as I would have expected. There is a bitterness and lemons that go along the top of the mouth when the middle comes and the bottom is filled with oats and bread. The finish is where the sour lies - it hits in a wave and then dissipates well enough as the flowers and pine send a parting kiss.

Bottom Line: Another good one from Lagunitas. Not a great one, but very good.



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