Tailgate Watermelon Wheat

Another beer from Nashville, and I'm starting to think that we have a LOT more small breweries than we have any right to have. I don't know why it took me so long to find local options, as there are just so damn many these days. The last watermelon beer I remember having was bad. Fortunately, the only other one I had in this blog was really good, so this one has options.

What head? This beer is too serious for some kind of head. I tried pouring dead center to get a bit of a head on it when I saw at first that it was going to have very little head, but it just wouldn't generate bubbles. I can see bubbles coming up from the depths of the golden beer, but they make the journey to die as soon as they hit fresh air. The aroma is actually faint watermelon, surprisingly, and yes I can smell wheat. I wouldn't have expected the watermelon to be strong enough to smell - and it is like those watermelon-flavored candies.

First sip is heavy on the watermelon, indeed. It's not sweet at all like the candy, though. Instead, the wheat seems to cut that quite a bit with graininess while not overpowering the watermelony-ness. Honestly, though, the watermelon is very... unreal. It really does taste like a watermelon candy that they didn't add sugar to; it's artificial. Maybe that's because I didn't try it properly.

Tip-in is heavy carbonation burn with the semi-sweet watermelon and grains. The middle is ... well, I would say smooth if it weren't for the carbonation really raking the whole mouth as it cuts through. I wonder why there wasn't more of a head on this beer, as it clearly has the carbonation for it. The finish arrives with a bitter/tart wave across the mouth and a parting carbonation sting.

Bottom Line: All of the caustic of a wheat with artificial-tasting watermelon added.



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