Honey Grail Boudica's Uprising Sparkling Honey Mead

The last mead I had was a whole new experience for me, so I wasn't prepared for it and I probably didn't give it the fair shake it deserved. I ran into a similar experience with the hard ciders when I tried my first one. Well, I at least have a reference point for this one, so I expect I should start to be a little more reliable when reviewing them.

The color of this mead is much lighter than the last one I tried. Its status as a sparkling mead becomes evident immediately, as the bottle hisses upon opening and has a whole lot of bubbles when poured that diminish to absolutely none on top. The color is so light that it reminds me of a white wine. The aroma is also wine-like. It's more prickly than wine, though, and has a sweet an unkempt edge about it.

First sip is not bad, but it's a bit more antiseptic than I expected. It's sweet on the tongue at first, but then the alcohol kind of kicks the back of the throat hard. It gives the impression of herbs and spices without the sauce that they go into, so they are alone and naked, untamed by a medium appropriate for them. What will a full gulp bring?

Tip-in is mild carbonation tingle with honey and wine. The middle comes with a mild smoothness that is so smooth that it can only be described as watery. It's a shame, as I expected sweet honey or something. The finish brings taste of booze and wine with honey and leafy weeds or something like them. Maybe it's raw spinach or something, but it's not bad, just different.

Bottom Line: Mead still won't be my go-to, but I think I'm getting a handle on them. This is a pretty good one.



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