Good People Snake Handler Double IPA

Okay, the Good People beer that I reviewed last time didn't rate as highly as I had hoped. The fact is, that one got better as it heated up a bit, and subsequent beers were definitely better than the 1.0 that it got. BUT, I don't make it a habit of changing the rating based on mass quantity, so it stays with that rating for now. Maybe this can be the Good People banner holder.

It's a copper color with a bit more orange than it should probably have. The lacing from the head is impressive, even if the head is fairly minuscule. In fact, that may make it more impressive. The aroma is mostly hops - citrus with a hint of pine.

First sip is a strong one. Its hops over some more hops, but the citrus and pine combo is calmed a bit with a crackery malt. It has a harsh aftertaste that mellows a bit - may even become sweet - but I get the feeling that this beer should be drunk by the swig; and that's my thing.

Tip-in is hops (isn't that so predictable?). Thee is caramel along with slight carbonation burn that is evening things out and preventing bitterness from taking over. The middle comes with an almost acidic scraping across the top of the mouth - there are too many hops and not enough malt to even this out at all. The finish brings a bitterness and the pine and citrus keep it going. I can taste malt, and it's definitely doing something, but the bitterness is just about nuts with this.

Bottom Line: The thing is - it's very bitter, but it's bold and crisp. It's not great, but it's pretty good.



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