Mantra Saffron IPA

Beers from the Nashville area aren't as hard to find as I used to think. Thank goodness there are beers other than Blackstone to choose from. This one is a new brewery that I've never heard of, and those are the most exciting. Bring the excitement.

There is a shocking amount of sediment positively suspended in the liquid. Suspended is the right word, too; just looking at the glass on my table, it looks like one of those jello dishes where the cook has suspended oranges or pineapple in the gelatin during the cooling process. At first glance, I actually thought I had grabbed the filthiest glass imaginable to pour the beer into, but that's not the case - this is by design. The color is a pleasing caramel with a fairly sticky white head and a somewhat funky pine and floral hop aroma.

First sip is very mild. It has those pine and floral hops, but they aren't particularly overpowering. The malt is just about enough to even out the hops without tinting the flavor at all. It strikes me as an all day IPA or the like. It's very calm and drinkable, and I am already happy I got a six pack. Time to swig!

Tip-in is very, very light biscuits with a lemon zest added. The middle rolls on in with caramel undertones and a bright, hoppy top knot of goodness simply floating above everything. The middle is exceedingly mild, but it's not overly watery. The finish arrives with a bit of a bitter nibble with a pine trail-off.

Bottom Line: Local brewery makes a unique and interesting beer. Keep 'em coming.



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