Schneider Weisse Aventinus Eisbock Ale

I know what you're thinking - didn't Tim just review this beer? No, I didn't, thank you very much. I technically reviewed the wheat doppelbock, and this is the Ale, so THERE! Yes, the two share a fabulous label, but they are different beer, and I hope they have a different taste.

The beer is a very slightly red-hued brown with a good enough head that I had to stop pouring before the bottle was emptied. The aroma is raisins, plums, really, just a heap of dark fruit. There is a heavier liquor underneath, and it's particularly inviting.

First sip is thick and fruity. It's very heavy with those same dark fruits and it's sticky and sweet while having the unrelenting texture of a bowl of overripe plums and squishy raisins. It's very nice and all, but it strikes me as a bit too much for a sipping beer. Maybe a swig...

Tip-in is that dark fruit flavor through and through. There may be some bready biscuit trying to keep things together, but it's mostly just the soggy fruit. The middle swims in with a little more lightness to the whole affair - it maintains the fruit, but they are spiced and accented with citrus in spots. As the finish arrives, there is a liquor swirl and a bitterness that takes hold.

Bottom Line: A very good, substantial beer that is compliment ed most of all by its 12% ABV.



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