Cammo's "Serve Very Cold" Spring Lager

Cammo hasn't had a new beer on the market for about a year now, and it's pretty hard to come by at the best of times. Well, the world has spun the wrong direction, the sky has fallen, and Cammo has put out the Spring Lager. Let the heavens tremble and the world rejoice.

The hazy beer is is a deep gold with a tiny little head that is barely there after pouring and pretty much gone immediately afterward. The nose is interesting honey, caramel, and flowers. I'm genuinely surprised at the significant lack of carbonation, given my experience with this particular brewer.

First sip is light on the front-end and heavy on the back end. The front is almost watery, but the caramel and honey (yes, quite honey, indeed) load up the back end like a redneck loading up a pickup at a swap meet.

Tip-in is sweet and lightly carbonated with watermelon. There's a floral humming that is light in the tip-in, but it gets heavier as the middle takes hold; but, it doesn't swell substantially. Instead, the middle echos the front-end of the sip with the light tastes including the threatening caramel on the horizon. The finish is where I expect most of the flavor to be, and here it is. The honey and flowers dance sweetly at the finish and trail their way off into the sunset.

Bottom Line: I have not tried it warmer, and I won't. It is a very nice beer cold.



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