Alpine Hoppy Birthday

Alpine does hops, and they do them well. This session IPA should be right down their alley, and I expect to enjoy the living crap out of it. This has 6 different types of hops, and I expect them to all be good ones, but it should also bring all the different flavors that hops can bring (and will hopefully be a better mix than the Latitude IPA's upsetting mix).

A gold with a yellow/orange/brown hue beer presents itself with a sticky white head that leaves significant lacing on the sides of the glass. This is what an IPA looks like, that's for sure. It smells of pine and citrus hops and very little else. It's a hoppy birthday, and only hops are invited. That's okay - this is my kind of party.

First sip is heavy grains under the hop party. It's crisp, and the citrus and pine get out on the dance floor and party like it's 1999. Then, they remember that Prince died, and they get a bit maudlin. But that dance, while it lasted, was pure and it can carry a party into the night. I wonder what a proper swig will bring.

Tip-in is oranges and lemons with grains waving in the breeze. The middle come with sharp bitterness that dulls with time and the pine hops let themselves be known quite forcefully. The finish takes another bitter turn before the sweet malt tamps it down quite nicely. The trail off is strangely more floral than pine, but it's a very good compliment to a very good beer.

Bottom Line: Delicious and hoppy, it makes me glad it came in a six pack.



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