J.K.'s Northern Neighbor Farmhouse Cider

The last J.K.'s was over engineered and underwhelming. Until a brewer has four or so underwhelming beers under their belt, I don't like to judge them on the whole. So, this one gets a clean slate to deal with, and I certainly hope they can take advantage of that. This is a big bottle, and I expect to enjoy every drop.

It's definitely got a lot more brown than the other JK's cider. The haziness has more suspended hunks of... I'm going to assume apple than the other one. They hover in there for a while and then collect at the bottom over an extended period of time. The aroma is very reminiscent of the other one - apple wine.

First sip is very, very similar to the other - sweet and apple. I think it has less hidden tartness, but a sip would hardly bring that kind of thing out. It's nice and gentle, and it gives the idea of crispness, but I won't be fooled with a sip. I'll go for the full swig...

Tip-in is very sweet and syrupy with apple overtones. The middle is very delightful. There's no impending doom or anything, just a hard, solid apple with a bit of peel in there with it. The finish is slightly more stressing, though. A very bright tartness absolutely bites down on the tongue as the finish starts, but it subsides in favor of a nice sweetness on the lips.

Bottom Line: Not bad at all. A few more tries, and they'll have it.



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