Alpine Beer Company Pure Hoppiness

I tried one of these beers from Alpine before, and it was pretty good. Turns out, this is yet another IPA. I have heard that an IPA is the easiest of beers to brew, but I know that some brewers have a hard time with it. A good IPA is about the best thing out there, so I'm willing to try as many as they are willing to make.

The aroma is mild pine hops and just a bit of citrus. The beer is orange more than gold, and the white head boils on down to an uneven mess on the top, but it is inviting in its disheveledness. Those hops are calling to me. They really want to get on my tongue.

First sip is suitably hoppy. The mix of hops is more mild than I would have expected, and the whole thing flows like a West coast IPA. Where are these guys from? Oh, California - I guess that makes sense. Well, this is certainly a West coast IPA from the sip, and I hope that extends to the full gulp.

Tip-in is carbonation tickle and hoppy hopness. The middle come a-riding in with a bite of hop bitterness in the back of the throat as a kind of bready malt with lemon flows along the tongue. The middle is quite delightful. The finish does not ruin things. Instead, the bitterness turns a bit tart, and a strange sweetness couples with the hops to dance the dance ... of love.

Bottom Line: A delicious beer. Balanced, flavorful, and well-crafted, I can recommend this completely.



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