Evil Twin "The Problem Solver" Imperial IPA

Evil Twin is all over the place with their beers. They have some great ones and some terrible ones and everything in between. Well, this was a gift from a friend, and I'm sure he scoured these pages just to make sure I hadn't already tried this beer. He was right. Given the schizophrenic nature of Evil Twin's brewing habits, I'm not sure I would have given them the chance otherwise.

The beer is a brown-orange with a somewhat sticky head that dissipates to a patchy cap on top of the beer. The aroma is orange and pine with a light biscuit addendum. It smells good, and I'm thirsty, so it's time to find out where the hops hit the palate.

First sip is a tiny smidge more bitter than I would like, but it is fairly well balance as a whole. The first impression was a lot more balanced than the final analysis, as the aftertaste is very bitter indeed. I'm guessing a proper swig will sort this out.

Tip-in is mostly pine and carbonation in the front of the mouth. The middle is... delightful. It's sweet malt and citrus that mingles with caramel, toffee, and grains. It is smooth and tasty as all get-out. It eventually transitions to the finish with its slight bitterness and comfortable orange and bready biscuits. I don't know where that bite of bitterness came from in the sip, but it's not there in a full swig, and that's why I do it this way.

Bottom Line: A very good beer from the most inconsistent brewery I've encountered.



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