Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

I have a feeling I'm doing this backwards. I started off with a 90 minute IPA, and now I'm going back to the 60 minute IPA. I assume that continually hopping and IPA for 90 minutes is going to be inherently better than 60 Minutes on the basic principle of less is worse and more is better. I know this isn't always true, and I certainly hope to enjoy this 60 minute IPA as well as I enjoyed the 90 minute.

Color is a hazy copper with a moderate white head that dissipates to a splotchy doily sitting across the top, and I find it somewhat reminiscent of the lunar surface. The aroma is almost entirely hops - citrus hops. I know I can smell the malt in there with it; it comes in the form of grain like freshly cut barley.

First sip is surprisingly balanced and somewhat sweet from the malt that I only got a whiff of in the background of the aroma. It's mostly smooth, but it has some pine hops prickling through that malt. If you told me I can only sip this beer, I might be content to do so. But that is not my way! Time for a swig.

Tip-in is nearly carbonation fervor with the way it's biting, but the taste of the beer itself is kind of grains and a bit of pine. The middle continues the onslaught of carbonation, but the taste veers to a bit of citrus to go with the pine, and the grains get baked into light biscuits. As the finish approaches, the carbonation stops abruptly, and a bit of caramel peeks out between the pine and citrus hops as things fade away a bit more sanely than when they came in.

Bottom Line: Tasty and drinkable, this isn't a smooth beer, and the carbonation is almost getting out of hand, but only almost.



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