Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

Brooklyn Brewing has been under the radar for a while, but the three chances that I've had to taste their beers have been very good twice and outstanding once. That's a good track record. I've had chocolate stouts before, and the issue normally arises from the addition of chocolate to the brew. This one, however, does things the right way - they add malts that give the beer a chocolate taste and aroma without needing to stoop to the level of adding actual chocolate.

The beer is black, as advertised. Around the very edges, I can see that it is actually just really, really brown. The head leaves enough lacing to let me know it was there, but it's not exactly painted to the sides. The aroma is chocolately and roasted malt. I think there may be some sour notes coming through, and there is a bitter and raisin twinge in there, too.

First sip is pretty nice. It's sweeter than I expected, and it definitely has quite a bit of chocolate taste about it. Often, the chocolate overwhelms the beer to the point that I may as well be drinking YooHoo or something. In this, the chocolate is dark and powerful, but it's complimentary more than dominating.

As for the swig, tip-in is light carbonation and heavy charred oak with a light chocolate outside. The middle becomes very harsh across the top of the mouth while the flavor is a smooth chocolate river with fruity sweetness and berries. The finish is all business. It gets a bit sweeter and the charred oak reasserts itself with the malt and kind of a milky smooth ending.

Bottom Line: Sweet and smooth, this is one of the best of the style.



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