Best Damn Cherry Cola

I had the Orange soda, and it honestly wasn't that bad - it got better as I got used to the taste, so I liked it well enough by the end of the six pack. Likewise, I have had good hard root beers, and I find myself picking up six packs of the Coney Island whenever I want a sweet drink some evening. Best Damn's root beer was not terrible, but it wasn't one of the best out there. I hope their cherry cola is better.

It has the appearance of cherry cola. Mind you, it looks like kind of flat. It's not actually flat - but it has the impression of cola that was maybe opened the day before, and the lid didn't fit quite perfectly while it was in the fridge overnight. The aroma is significantly more cherry than either Wild Cherry Pepsi or Cherry Coke, and it puts me more in mind of a bar making cherry cola by adding grenadine to cola and being a bit heavy on the cherry.

First sip is... fine. It's certainly not the best cherry cola I've ever had before, but it isn't the worst soft drink ever (thank you, diet orange Slice). It tastes... vacant. It definitely has that vibe of a flat beverage that has been sitting at room temperature for a while and then got cooled down again, but the fizziness just isn't going to come back. Well, I'm going to swig.

Tip-in is very subtle carbonation buzz with that caramel and cherry flavor; the cherry tastes particularly artificial. The middle arrives with flat, overly sweet cherry flavoring. It's disappointing at the very least. The finish is kind of tangy, with a cherry tartness finally showing through and a bit of a cola schnapps peeking through.

Bottom Line: Best Damn hasn't made the best damn anything yet.



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