St. Feuillien Triple

Third and last in this series of beers, and I expect this to be the best of the bunch, as I have a particular fondness for triples. The fact is, the other two have been very good, so this might be just about the best thing ever, if I don't raise my expectations too high. Maybe these guys make another beer that I can sample after this one, but I'll settle for these three for now.

The dusty, light amber beer was the first of the bunch that did not have carbonation simply gush from the top of the bottle. At the same time, the beer has the best head of the bunch; I had to be careful not to let it get too thick as I poured. The aroma is pine, grapefruit, a hint of pineapple, and grains. It actually is pretty heavy on the grains to the point that I might be convinced that this is a hefeweizen.

First sip dispels any possibility that this is a wheat beer. It's got some heavy yeast and spices that mix with the citrus flavors very nicely. I get a sense that the beer is going to bite, but that bite never comes. Instead, it is very strong in the middle with a cutting edge, but it softens by the time the beer is over, and that's just with a sip. Imagine what a full swig will bring. Hell, why imagine?

Tip-in is heavy carbonation burn with the yeast and citrus carrying the beer for this part. As the middle comes, the carbonation lets up a little, but it certainly doesn't go away. It is joined by the spices and the pine and even a bit of grain that I smelled earlier (although not to the extent that I expected before). The middle is crisp and sharp. As the middle subsides, the finish comes along with another helping of yeast that soothes everything out quite a bit. The trailing off is a sweetness that delights and makes the mouth yearn for more.

Bottom Line: A very good beer. The best of the bunch? No, but very good on its own.



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