St. Feuillien Blonde/Blond

The last St. Feuillien review I did, I mentioned that I bought three bottles, and they reminded me of Chimay in their packaging. This is their blonde, however, and Chimay doesn't even make a blonde. So, I guess it's time for them to sink or swim on their own, especially since I had a few good blondes lately. But I look forward to finding out just how good they can make a beer.

There is a surprising amount of dark and grainy sediment in this glass. Well, it's surprising that it's so dark. I expected sediment as, like it's sister, this beer simply overflowed with a cascade of never-ending bubbles as soon as I cracked it. So, another bottle-conditioned beer, and that's fine by me. The color is a cloudy yellow-tangerine. The aroma is grassy with a very citrus overtone of lemons and oranges. I'm looking forward to the taste.

First sip is very crisp and clear. It doesn't mess about with dark fruits or anything - instead, it's very drinkable with no perceptible bite past the delightful citrus. That grass is more of a grain taste, and it fills the mouth with the sensation of a hunk of crust-less bread that has been smeared with unsweetened citrus jam. It is very nice for sipping. I wonder what a swig will bring...

Tip-in is moderate carbonation burn with the grains and lemons dancing in the background, almost overwhelmed by the carbonation. The middle approaches with its lemon and bread mixture with a hint of spice and orange, and the whole mouth settles in for an enjoyable ride. The finish comes too soon with a stronger hit of the spice that I tasted in the middle, and the lemon gives way to the bread for a quiet night.

Bottom Line: Possibly the best blonde I've had all of 2016, but it's early.



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