Rogue 6 Hop IPA

Rogue is started off in my early blog with a fairly middle-of-the-road Laughing Skull, then I had the very good Dead Guy Ale, and then they knocked it out of the park with their Double Chocolate Stout. This one supposedly has 6 different hops, it has a six on the label, that six on the label is made up of six hops, and it's 6.66% ABV. This is a bit too cutesy, but, the beer can still be good (although I wonder if they compromised by lowering the alcohol to get the 6.66%).

The extremely cloudy beer is the color of wet straw. The fairly minimal head dissipates to a thin veneer with a requisite ring around the glass. The aroma is floral and citrus hops with... I swear it smells like cookies. It could just be sweet malt with bready malt mixing in a cookie-like fashion, but that's what I smell.

First sip is pretty simple for having so many hops and so much effort go into it. It is light and airy with citrus and a definite hit of bitter hops, but it doesn't dominate the taste. Instead, the floral and citrus of the hops remains for longer than the bitterness, and it makes the sip very enjoyable. I can imagine that there will be many people who will sip this beer and think it to  be very good, and I don't blame them. But what about people who give it a proper swig?

Tip-in is orange and carbonation burn with a hint of the floral hops, and there are grains flowing underneath to give the beer substance. The flowers get more pronounced as the middle comes along, and biscuits and grains power forward; this middle is flavorful and balanced. The finish arrives with a hit of bitter and then trails off with the flowers and hoppy goodness (bit of pine, too). There's a lot of hops in this thing, and they are all getting along really well.

Bottom Line: Rogue has another winner. These guys are good.



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