Against the Grain 35K Stout

The can is adorned with a picture that was seemingly drawn by the 7-year-old child of one of the brewery owners. That kid also needs some professional help. Well, inside the can is a milk stout, and I have become a big fan of this style. While Left Hand is the one that comes to mind, others have also been very good, and that means that this one from a brewer I've never heard of might also be great.

The beer is a very dark, yellowish brown. There is little head to speak of, but they are tiny little nitrogen bubbles that eventually just ring the top of the beverage. The smell is an inviting mix of smoke, oatmeal, and sweet cream and right in the forefront is chocolate. I really want to suck this back and then possibly grab another.

First sip is a chocolate malt with coffee and sweet cream. It's a delightful mix, and it has a weight to it that is not enough in a sip, but I could see sipping this on a cold winter's night. I, however, prefer to imbibe my beverages in a more dramatic fashion that I call - the swig!

Tip-in is light carbonation tingle and coffee grounds with chocolate highlights. The coffee is gritty, like grounds, but it's not that intense. The middle comes as a sweet cream shot filling the cup that still has remnants of the coffee and chocolate and has a bit of toffee as a backbone. As the finish arrives, a tingle shudders through the mouth and has a slightly bitter wave that is subsequently removed with the sweetness from the cream. With a little more warmth, the coffee is highlighted more, and the whole thing is more mellow.

Bottom Line: A very good example of a milk stout. I want another.



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