Elysian Dragonstooth Stout

Another hand delivered beer from Oregon (technically, the first one wasn't a beer). This doesn't originate in Oregon, but I've never seen it on this side of the Mississippi (much like the last one from this brewer). Fortunately, my brother was thoughtful enough to cart it all the way to Nashville with no significant shipping and handling charge. It's like I have a Brother Prime account.

The beer isn't the blackest I've ever seen, but it's pretty damn close. While it doesn't absorb ambient photons, it certainly isn't reflecting many. The tan head indicates that it's probably just a really dark brown. I poured the rest of the beer into a glass for my brother, and it didn't have nearly as much head, so I take the blame for there being so much in this picture. Sorry.

First sip is really nice. It's smooth with a kind of loaded back end that gives weight and substance to the whole beer. It's rich and smoky and the earth tones really make this beer stand out amongst its peers. Time for a swig.

Tip-in is kind of a mellow hops with significant carbonation burn. It flows into a chocolate and earth middle that is smooth as all get out. The carbonation is nearly unnoticeable aside from a slight tingle around the edges. The finish brings the bitterness of floral hops to the front, but it isn't too overwhelming. It strikes a fairly good balance to finish the beverage.

Bottom Line: Very good. I need to send my brother back to pick up another.



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