Devils Backbone Eight Point IPA

I'm not a hunter myself, but a few of my friends are, and I support the elimination of as many deer as possible. Well, this beer is named after a very nice rack (eight points is good, I am told) and I support their efforts. I also support the efforts of anyone trying to make a good beer, so let's see what these guys have brought.

The beer is a dusty and deep amber. The very fluffy white head leaves an impressive amount of lacing on the sides of the glass while it emits a fairly light floral/pine hop aroma sitting underneath a more powerful malt that kind of asserts itself more than I would expect from an IPA. The hops need to step up a bit.

First sip is a lot more bitter than I would expect a beer with that heavy of a malt aroma to have. The malt is still there, but the pine hops are dusty and bitter with a twang that's hard to describe - it's like it's falling forward as the beer rolls down the back of the mouth.

Tip-in are hops that seem a bit pine and citrus. As the middle rolls on down, the middle gets more cloudy and has a bitter haze blotting out most of the flavors swirling under the mist, but the impression I get is more pine hops. The finish brings a slight intensifying of the bitter, and then everything eases off a bit as a different, more dusty haze trails off.

Bottom Line: It needs more balance to be a great beer, but it's not bad. It's just a bit too bitter.



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