Victory DirtWolf Double IPA

Victory is a great brewery. They produced the alcohol-heavy Golden Monkey, the fantastic Headwater, and the good Summer Love, among others. I had many others before I started this blog, and I regret not having a record of all of their delicious brews. I'd never even heard of this one before, so it'll be a delight to just get a chance to try something new from them.

Its a slightly (very slightly) hazy orange-tinted yellow (some might call that amber) with a nice, sticky head that leaves lots of nice lacing on the sides of the glass. This appears to be highly carbonated, as the cascade of bubbles coming up from the depths doesn't stop, and this is a clean glass. The aroma is very hoppy, like the best of the Victory beers I've had before. It has spices and some citrus circling the heavy, floral hops that are extra bitter smelling.

First sip is really, really, really good. It is smooth and sweet while still having the depth and meat of the hops. It's inevitably got to get worse from here, because the first sip is pure damn heaven. The balance between the sweet and the bitter is definitely leaning toward the sweet end, but that doesn't mean this thing is lacking flavor. Too much flavor, I think, for a sip. So, on with the swig...

Tip-in is the floral taste of the hops with carbonation tingling right on the edge of a burn, but it's still not quite there. The middle has a carbonation/hop scritch (like a scratch, but lighter) down the top of the mouth and leading to the throat. All the while, the taste is filled with citrus and tropical fruit with grains and earth accompanying it. It is quite nice. The finish is where things start to get interesting. No, strike that. Things are the same, and that's a good thing. I think this is the first beer to have a finish that is exactly the same as the middle of the draught.

Bottom Line: Jeebus. Go get one of these.



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